Cross browser time tracking web extension Oct 20

This little extension was created because I did not find any extesion that satisfied my needs as a time tracker and allowed me to set limits on certain websites.

Also they all looked quite dated and I thought that was a good excuse to learn how develop a browser extension.


Fully customisable React form utility Sep 19

So why write yet another form utility you might ask? First off, I don’t like the Formik approach. In my humble opition formik is very verbose and requires lots of boilerplate. Also does not work with hooks. react-hook-form is a very cool library and it is the main inspiration for formhero. It does almost everything right… typescript, no deps, small, concise.

The problem that I found while using it was that 3rd party ui libs like Ant Design or Fabric UI do not always have the standart onChange or value props in their components. That is where react-hook-form starts falling apart. This is what formhero tries to address in the most minimalistic way possible, with as little code as needed. All in pure typescript and no deps.


macOS battery assistant May 18

A little app that runs in the background and notifies the user when to plug and unplug the power adapter.
This is to prevent the battery from charging to 100%, diminishing it’s lifespan.

Drone Deployment Plugin

Plugin for copying and running commands to remote servers. Mar 19

This plugin was created after I was unsatisfied with the existing “default” drone plugins as I needed always more than one.
It supports setting env variables at the host and compresses the files in a tar ball for upload.


Username generator. Feb 19

This one is a simple utility to generate strings based on dictionaries.
There are some predefined dictionaries but supports using own lists.


YAML Settings utility. Mar 19

Utility to manage settings in bigger node projects. Written in typescript and makes it easy to read and save config or options.
Uses YAML as the format of choice as it is ready to edit by humans.


Minimal time duration utility. Mar 19

Minimal time duration utility. Replacement for MomentJS Durations. If you are looking into the time component of MomentJS check out this awesome library dayjs.


High level backup level CLI utility for restic. Jun 19

Autorestic is a wrapper around the amazing restic. While being amazing the restic cli can be a bit overwhelming and difficoult to manage if you have many different location that you want to backup to multiple locations. This utility is aimed at making this easier.


Brew Cleanup Utility May 20

Well… anyone that has been using brew in macOS for some time will have encountered the issue of doing a simple brew list and discovering loads of packages they have never heard of. Often this is the result of installing some packages that bring dependecies, but since brew does not uninstall them when you delete the package they came with, they will hang around for ever basically.