Hi, I’m Nicco

I’ve been doing programming things and “You do computer science right? Can you fix my printer?” for a while now.
My home is mainly the web, but I wander down many paths of computer science, wherever Ecosia and curiosity bring me that day.

Skill bars are useless
I think I know everything there is to know about X
I can teach myself stuff


I do a lot of Typescript, but I always try new things that come up on the interwebs and while most of them turn out to be hype, some are real gems.

A list of some “skills” (Pros)

  • Frontend
    • React, Vue & Svelte for Web apps, landing pages, etc.
    • Typescript lover
    • Electron multiplatform macOS/Linux/Windows apps.
    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android, mostly in React Native.
  • CI/CD
    • I’ve written plug-ins for Drone
    • Docker multi stage build, etc.
    • Pipelines for testing & deployments of various projects/apps
    • Github actions
  • Backend
    • Serverless backends (in AWS)
    • Postgres/Maria/Mysql/Mongo experience.
    • Python server
    • Go CLI utilities
    • Web scraping
  • Clouds I’ve deployed production services
    • AWS
    • GCP

And stuff I suck at (Cons)

  • Testing, hate it.
  • Love rewriting stuff from ground up.
  • Probably much more…


It all started when I turned the Google website pink with the dev tools in IE7 and thought I hacked google only to reload the website and discover that (of course) it was only local.

That got me onto HTML & CSS and super vanilla JS.
Then of course came PHP it all it’s glory which was the revelation for me.
I could write servers! OMG! Wait.. where to save that data?
“MySQL joined the chat” and along came some shady phpMyAdmin interfaces where we designed some databases and wrote SQL queries in plain strings always reminding ourselves to sanitise everything.
Remember kids: before our friendly Docker whale was a thing and we all installed XAMPP on our local machines with the (i believe still today) in beta Sublime Text 3. Good stuff.

The rest… well I have a bad memory 🐘